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The best storage solution for E-Collars.

Convenience, style and function in one simple product.
Our Philosophy

The search for a practical storage solution for e-collars lead us to design our own. What few products were available were an eyesore and inefficient. Combining function and creativity, E-Collar Keeper was created. 

Our Passion

Why settle for mediocre?  E-Collar Keeper asked doctors and technicians what their dream system would be for storing e-collars. Accessibility, order, and style were the top priorities. We designed E-Collar Keeper with this in mind.

Our Vision

We want  the vet community to realize that style and function can improve the work flow and beauty your surroundings. 

E-Collar Organizer


*by "Paws" Magazine

Our Design

Set your pet clinic apart from others with our innovative storage solution.  Display it proudly in your clinic.  Great design combined with pure functionality

will increase your workflow and productivity.

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