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I am taking orders!

Production is scheduled to be complete by June 30 or earlier!  Shipping will happen ASAP after we receive them.  We are only producing 250 at this time, and 40 are already spoken for.  Don't wait.

UPS Ground has proven to be the cheapest shipping.  I will also accept pre-payed labels through e-mail.  Calculate you own shipping with these dimensions:

39 x 16 x1 0" and 10 lbs, shipped from area code 37064

                                         You get BOTH sizes with one order!

Holds 7 different sizes (from 7.5 cm to 30 cm)    

  • Powder-coated steel is rust resistant and durable.

  • Holds most popular brands of E-collars.

  • Mounts  securely & easily with included hardware.

  • Restock in a flash.

  • Inventory at a glance.

  • Identify the correct collar size immediately.

  • Neat and stylish design allows you to install it where you're working (not hidden in the back room).

  • Proudly Made in the USA.

It's now in 2 parts for more storage options and accessibility!

Large Section

Dimensions: 38.5" wide  7" deep

Small section

18' wide 9" Deep




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Best  Storage Solution 

Hold up to 100  e-collars in the most popular brands, such as VetOne and Buster.  The most effective storage solution for e-collars.

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